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Puss In Box
Once upon a time, there was an orphan little cat. He wore box in his head to cover up his fright and sadness. One day, Petshopbox Studio team adopted him. They call him Puss In Box. Now, Puss In Box is a happy little cat.

We LOVE Puss In Box

Hi, we are Petshopbox Studio. When we adopt Puss In Box, he was a scared and sad little cat. He always has a box in his head, and never took it off. We decided to draw an emoticons on his box to cheer him up. And, it worked! :)

Turns out, Puss In Box is a very vivacious cat. He loves playing and doing dress up. He’s our biggest inspiration, and we just couldn’t stop drawing him up. We also brought him everywhere we go.

We will share Puss In Box artworks in this website. We have many freebies that you can download. Soon, Puss In Box will launch his own merchandise brand as well. Hope you love Puss In Box too. Don’t forget to share your love. Cheers!

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